The Deaf Institute

Three storey bar/restaurant/music venue hosting popular club nights, tours and private events

Deaf Institute Masons sound system – top-quality, highly-tuned system with live, club and AV capabilities.

Since it opened over a decade ago, the Deaf Institute Masons sound system has seen thousands of great acts benefit from its flexible setup. Because of this, the venue has hosted live music, comedy, film nights, club nights, weddings and many more events.

3 floors of entertainment spaces, each with their own bespoke sound system, lighting and video set-up. With full DJ packages added to this, the venue can cope with pretty much anything you could throw at it.

Masons also provides a full service package for all equipment in the Deaf Institute. So, if they suffer any equipment failures or technical issues, we are always there to keep them running.

For instance, if the DJ equipment needs calibrating or the live mixing desk needs a repair, we can provide replacement equipment whilst their’s is in our workshop, so their is no interruption to their schedule.

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