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What We're All About

We install and maintain great sound and AV systems.

We provide high quality equipment and technical support to businesses who want to keep their customers happy without the stresses of setup and maintenance.

We’ve always been about building strong relationships with our customers and helping them to reach their business goals. If you do well, then we do well!

Working closely with our clients gives us a deep understanding of their needs and allows us to offer a customized service that provides maximum impact with minimum hassle.

As an SSIP accredited company with independent H&S consultants we work to the best safety standards.

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Three Decades in One Minute

Founder Phil Mason has been at this a while.

We began as a jukebox installation company in the ’80s. Our trademark, “have-a-go-at-anything” mentality soon led us to add pinball machines and video games, even bar billiards!

Technology developed, and we kept pace. The old 7” jukeboxes were replaced by “modern” CD players and eventually touchscreen digital models.

The winds of change blew the company further from coin-op and more into design and installation of the larger sound systems that venues wanted to work with their jukeboxes.

Our jukebox business was all rental and it is still an option for our sound system installations.  Soon our client list was filling with new venues wanting the best sound equipment at realistic prices.

As we grew, so did the range and scale of the sound systems we were installing. We added DJ, lighting, video and live sound equipment.

We currently have equipment in over 150 venues across the north of England and beyond and we provide support to many more.

We’re always looking for a challenge and the next great project to get stuck in to. Give us a shout and let’s see how we can help you!

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Man with a Plan


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