Barry's Bootcamp MCR

High Intensity Gym Sound System

The preferred choice of fitness obsessed A-listers around the world. Barry’s Bootcamp represents the  pinnacle of high-intensity workouts.  To reflect this, Manchester’s Barry’s Bootcamp Sound installation by Masons features a club-like sound system with ultra sleek design.

We used a careful and considered approach to system design and configuration. Certainly, multiple site visits and one to one contact with Sandy, the co-owner,  helped solidify this approach. As a result, the instructors are able to feel at ease using the equipment. They easily achieve the energy levels required to push clients to their limits.

Follow the link below to see our sound system at Barry’s Bootcamp Manchester in action:

Manchester Confidential Gives ‘the best workout in the world a go’

No Barry’s Bootcamp sound installation is complete without crystal clear communication with clients. Easier said than done in a noisy gym/nightclub environment. Microphone choice is important but so is system design. Consequently, the combination of Sennheiser headsets and advanced signal processing gives instructors the tools to deliver in every session.

In so much as Barry’s Bootcamp offers a unique gym experience to its clients it also offers a unique challenge as an audio installation. A challenge relished and delivered on by Masons.

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