The National Taekwondo Centre

Large Format Performance Sound System

GB Taekwondo is the organisation responsible for the preparation, management and performance of British athletes at the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and at World and European Championships. The National Taekwondo Centre is home to the organisation and the facilities that help train and inspire the top athletes to succeed. This is why we were honored to help the team get the most out of their Taekwondo and Conditioning Halls with a massive Masons sound system upgrade.

System Description
Taekwondo Hall

The First hall is used for Taekwondo training and competition. The existing Sonos sound system in the Taekwondo Hall was extended and optimised for better functionality. As a result, the hall was adequately covered from each corner of the space and the system was more intuitive to use. We also mounted each speaker on brackets for a more professional finish.

Conditioning Hall

We were briefed to install a sound system capable of higher level output and more clarity than the previous sound system installation in the Conditioning Hall. The space is 30m long and 15 meters wide and is primarily used for body conditioning and physical training. The hall also functions as a training/networking events venue where 100+ visitors may be in attendance. As such, whatever Masons sound system upgrade we went for had to be punchy and clear throughout the entire floorspace.

Providing clear and punchy sound in a room with inherently bad acoustics is always difficult. Especially when budgets are concerned. However,  through the use of Ease acoustic simulation software we were able to accurately predict the best sound solution to fit the clients needs. Not only that, we were also able to confidently adapt our solutions to suit changes in functionality and budget restrictions.

Ultimately, after careful consideration, we installed Martin Audio Blackline X12 speakers. A Crown Audio DSP-enabled amplifier was installed to power the X12s featuring built-in equalisation and advanced limiting features for peace of mind. The staff and athletes were very happy with the clout delivered by only 6 x 12″ speakers and they certainly represented a noteworthy improvement.

It would be fair to say the conditioning hall is a truly multi-use venue with demanding functionality requirements. Staff, trainers and athletes all require seamless use of desktop PC audio, TV sound, a reliable Bluetooth audio connection and microphone functionality for events. We chose to install a Soundcraft Notepad mixer for signal routing and volume control. A simple-to-use live sound mixer will give the system more flexibility when compared to a more conventional installation mixer. Especially when combined with a fully comprehensive, personalised guide document and training provided as part of all Masons sound system installations. 

The Wrap

Since 2002 GB Taekwondo has proved itself to be a world leading organisation. When it comes supplying facilities for the best athletes in the world and the organisation that’s responsible for them you can’t cut corners. The standards that they uphold at The National Taekwondo Centre must be reflected in the equipment supplied. The sound system upgrade that we’ve designed and installed will keep the athletes happy for many years to come and hopefully it will inspire them to even more success in the future.

“Masons Sound were a very professional company to work with from quotation right through to the completion of the job. Jack and the team were all very willing to work with our changing design and delivered a fantastic fully operational sound system within our training centre. I would recommend them to any local businesses looking to update or change their sound systems.

Andy Paton

Performance Manager

GB Taekwondo”

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