New York Pizza Bar in Manc-hattan

Grab a slice of the action.

Nells is a New York pizza bar in Manchester’s brand new Kampus development.

The Mason sound system install encapsulates everything we’re about; using a carefully considered selection of audio and video brands to create a bespoke look with attention to detail and a great level of functionality and usability. The Mason sound system install features top notch Martin Audio CDD speakers and subwoofers. The CDD speaker range offers high fidelity audio quality and fantastic coverage in a sleek format. Ceiling mounted subwoofers were implemented to provide low end reinforcement without compromising on floor space.

As mentioned, high functionality and usability is a key aspect of any Mason sound install. The install team provided the Nells with a robust audio control system allowing the staff have full control over the volume of each zone and ease of access to be able to switch between sources and inputs as needed.

The Mason sound install also includes a dual Optoma projection system. As with the sound system side of the install, high functionality and quality are two aspects that were highly considered.  The Optoma projection system features complete signal splitting to enable perfectly synced crisp high definition images to be shown over both projectors in unison, by simply plugging in the video source to the HDMI input plate provided behind the bar and let the installed system do the rest.

From DJ led evenings, to screenings and day to day background music. The Mason sound system install has it all covered.

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