NQ64 Arcade Bar

Arcade Bars - Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow & Soho

This Masons Sound bar install features compact and discrete full-range speakers throughout the venue. In addition, deep double 10″ subs compliment the system and enhance the atmosphere perfectly. Further tuning is done using Crown Audio’s advanced DSP features.

NQ64 features its trademark floor-to-ceiling neon and countless retro arcade machines and consoles. In short, this basement arcade bar is a gaming mecca for the discerning retro-gamer. Likewise, the new Liverpool site and upcoming sites in other northern cities retain the same classic styling.

Our powerful distributed sound system is able to cut through the electronic clamour of the machines to give clear even coverage across the venue. Most importantly, the masons sound bar install doesn’t overpower and still allows the game-play to carry on unhindered.

This bar install uses a simple and reliable control system. Moreover, the system is tuned and balanced to sound at its best across the whole venue. As a result, all bar staff can easily operate and set up correctly without issue.

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