Stockport Produce Hall

19th century market hall transformed into modern food and drink destination.

Tastefully renovated food and drink hall on Stockport’s iconic market square. The Stockport Produce Hall sound system provides well-balanced and even sound throughout. In addition, carefully placed Martin Audio speakers provide enough power to compete with the massive footfall of this popular destination. Importantly, it is capable of DJs and live music as well as background music, providing great flexibility.

The Stockport Produce Hall sound install had to cope with difficult acoustic conditions. For instance, the high vaulted ceilings created the possibility of excessive reverb and a ‘muddy’ sound. As such, discrete yet focused speakers were needed, to put the sound where you want it without conflicting with the listed building’s aesthetics. Consequently, powerful but compact Martin Audio AQ6 speakers were chosen for the job. Matching AQ112 sub speakers provide warmth and punch to lift the sound for livelier events.

DSP-enabled amplifiers give precise control over EQ and level to optimise the speakers for each part of the venue.

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