Vibrant bar, function rooms, and terrace. Situated in Manchester’s historical Castlefield area.

We designed the eight-zone Barca Masons sound system to handle the wide variety of events at the venue.

For example, the venue hosts club nights, weddings, birthdays, charity and sporting events. So, the Barca Masons sound system, covering 4 function spaces, 2 bars, a balcony and outdoor terrace, is hard working. Consequently, a versatile Symetrix controller that can handle the many different requirements of each space is included.

We fully tuned the system, including protection limiters in all zones to ensure reliable operation. Furthermore, digital controls mean that users can access settings for multiple zones from a single location. Importantly, digital controls can also restrict access, so only specific functions and a predefined volume range are available.

For DJ-led events, where high power-handling is required, we have included high-quality Martin Audio speakers. In addition, where low ceilings preclude use of larger models, we have employed discrete yet powerful JBL satellite speakers.

We integrated the sound and video systems to allow easy configuration of  spaces for sporting events and presentations.

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