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Junkyard Golf Club has been a growing success since it’s genesis in 2015. Masons Sound have been onboard ever since helping each project deliver the unique bar/party/crazy golf blend they’ve become known for. Elaborate and entirely bespoke golf courses, vibrant drink and generally tripped out vibes all add to the atmosphere and ensure they’re well-reviewed. Now, with their newest London venue boasting over 12,000 sq ft of floor space and over 60 speakers, each Junkyard sound system installation has expanded and evolved to deliver the high quality solutions they expect.

System Description

Junkyard Golf Club venue layouts consist of a bar/dancefloor area, a large golf course area and multiple individually controlled UV-lit mini Clubs. The bar features powerful and discrete JBL pendant speakers backed up with ultra-compact Martin Audio subwoofers subtly integrated into the seating. We’ve also installed a DJ input into the dancefloor area to enable DJs to plug-in and play quickly and easily.

We installed a large distributed sound system consisting of nearly 40 economical Apart speakers throughout the golf course areas. These areas are controlled by the same volume control and source select as the bar. As a result, the golf course sound system is capable of providing even coverage at a similar levels to the bar and we were able to keep within a tight budget.

The sound design of each Junkyard Golf Club project has evolved with venue size. That being said, the main goals remain the same: venue-wide sound coverage delivered to a high standard, on time and within budget. Every Masons Sound installation is designed with an emphasis on user experience. With that in mind, we ensured that the level and source selection for all the main areas are controlled from a single control plate. We’ve put in the hard work balancing and equalising the sound in all the areas so the venue staff can intuitively get the most from the sound system.

Noise control represents a challenging aspect to any city centre installation, especially when high energy levels are expected throughout the day and night. The close proximity of neighbouring businesses, particularly in the London and Leeds Junkyard venues, made this especially tough to tackle. Through working closely with Junkyard Golf Club directors and Sharps Redmore Acoustic Consultants we were able to design and install a sound system capable of operating within these boundaries. Cutting-edge Powersoft and Crown Audio digital signal processing enabled us to carefully tune and limit the sound to specific levels to keep the neighboring business as well as the client happy.

The Wrap

Each Junkyard sound system installation has represented a unique challenge. As the organisation evolves, higher standards are expected and have been achieved from our Masons sound system installations. Having already installed in their Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and London projects we look forward to and hope to assist them in all their future endeavours.

Check out the video below for a tour of Junkyard Golf Club Liverpool.

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