Critically acclaimed Indian street food restaurant and real ale bar

Bundobust Masons sound system installation for restaurant/bar on Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester.

The Masons sound system in Bundobust is designed to fill the entire space with warmth and energy. We used a distributed design, using multiple small speakers and enhanced with sub speakers, as a result.

The venue had various acoustic constraints due to its shape and hard surfaces within. As such, we tightly focused the speakers on the diners to restrict the reverberant energy entering the space. Consequently, the sound remains where we want it and not bouncing around the ceiling.

Importantly, it is a versatile sound system with simple controls and multiple inputs. This allows all staff to easily operate and balance the system. Firstly we only provide front of house staff with a simple volume control and source selector. Secondly, we balance the system so that a single volume control provides even and smooth coverage across all areas. This results in a happier experience for customers and staff alike.

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