Contemporary Chinese restaurant with highly-rated food and cocktails in an intimate and exotic space

Contemporary restaurant with industry-leading design, the Tattu sound system install in both the Leeds and and Birmingham sites offers a premium audio experience. As a result the aim of bringing Ibiza sound into the UK restaurant market was achieved.  Suitable for background music as well as DJs.

Working closely with venue directors was key in choosing the perfect products for both venues. Ultimately, it was decided that Martin Audio’s CDD range was perfect for the Tattu sound system install in Leeds. Using Symetrix processing and Powersoft amplification the sound system could be DSP-optimised to meet the client’s standards acoustically. As such, custom volume control and presets could be designed and easily adapted to enable Tattu staff to get the optimal user experience.

As such, the end result was a seamless integration between the Masons sound system and the rest of the venue.

A simple and reliable control system allows all members of staff to be able to operate the Tattu sound system effectively.

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