Barry’s Bootcamp Manchester, Liverpool

Barry's Bootcamp MCRHigh Intensity Gym Sound System The preferred choice of fitness obsessed A-listers around the world. Barry's Bootcamp represents the  pinnacle of high-intensity workouts.  To reflect this, Manchester's Barry's Bootcamp Sound installation by Masons features a club-like sound system with ultra sleek design. We used a careful and considered approach to system design and [...]

NQ64 Manchester Liverpool Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Soho

NQ64 Arcade BarArcade Bars - Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow & Soho This Masons Sound bar install features compact and discrete full-range speakers throughout the venue. In addition, deep double 10" subs compliment the system and enhance the atmosphere perfectly. Further tuning is done using Crown Audio's advanced DSP features. NQ64 features its trademark floor-to-ceiling [...]

Three Little Words (Manchester Gin)

Three Little Words (Manchester Gin)Manchester Gin's Award-winning bar and restaurant Award-winning bar and restaurant with sleek design, Three Little Words sound install offers a premium audio experience. The Masons sound system installed here provides perfect coverage from the Grade II-listed arches themselves, using high-quality and design-conscious pendant speakers. Suitable for background music as well as [...]

Junkyard Golf Club Manchester, Shoreditch, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle

Junkyard Golf ClubLarge-Scale Entertainment Venues London . Manchester . Liverpool . Leeds Junkyard Golf Club has been a growing success since it's genesis in 2015. Masons Sound have been onboard ever since helping each project deliver the unique bar/party/crazy golf blend they've become known for. Elaborate and entirely bespoke golf courses, vibrant drink and generally [...]